Improve Your Workout

Our common goal for each person who walks through our doors is constant improvement.

Everyone is welcome. It will be hard. You will be successful.

*but you'd better show up ready to work.

We are a fitness community focused on putting in the work and getting results!

Our Core Values:


Unquenchable thirst to know more and forge ahead


Always be able to answer the question "why am i doing this?"


The will to keep going when the motivation to begin is gone


adherence to the proven strategies and practices that foster improvement


self-awareness and awareness of others, respect for their unknown struggles

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$220 (+tax) for 10 group classes

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Individual Training

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Reach your goals and become the best version of yourself with one-on-one training.

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Group classes are just one of many popular ways to back in shape. With direction from Matt V. and his team, you're sure to reach your fitness goals.

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Real people. Real results.


“Matt and the rest of the team at vfit helped me accomplish bigger goals than I thought was possible! I’m forever thankful for them!”

Laura P,.

“The group classes are phenomenal!”

Jenna S.

Nobody cares, work harder may be this gym’s motto, but the truth is Matt cares… A LOT. If you want to not only hit your fitness goals, but become a better, more impactful person, go to this gym. Bonus: you’ll be surrounded by a group of really kick 🍑 and inspiring people!

Michelle K.

Interested in youth development training?

We can create custom workouts to help your child perform on the court, field, or wherever he or she competes!

VFIT's trainers are dedicated to your child's success on the field and off the field with programs and workout plans designed to help them compete at their best.

We cater to a variety athletes and backgrounds having trained cheerleaders, golfers, equestrian riders, basketball players, and everyone in between.

Our programs are designed with sport-specific goals in mind and can be adjusted to an athlete's current practice and competition schedule.  

Our goal is to help each individual perform at their best and believe that success in physical fitness will help them succeed in other areas of life as well.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Are all fitness levels welcome?

Yes! Whether it's your first time in the gym in years or first time ever, we have a class or program that's right for you!

Where are you located?

We are located at 4750 Hartland Pkwy, just off Man O' War Blvd, in between Goodwill and Kroger's. 

Do you offer sport specific training? 

We do! We've trained athletes from all different age ranges and backgrounds. Contact us today so we can better understand your goals and develop a plan to help you reach them!

Sign up for a workout or contact us today!